Calcium Deficiency Disease In Pets

Calcium Deficiency Disease In Pets

The calcium system is very good for the body,

if the deficiency will cause many complications and diseases,

here are the problems related to calcium deficiency disease in the mother dog.

1, What causes calcium deficiency disease?

At the time of giving birth, the mother dog often has to breastfeed the puppies,

the larger the number of puppies, the more milk the mother has to consume,

when everything is consumed quickly,

the calcium concentration in the body will drop below 0.8 mg/ ml

and cause calcium imbalance and calcium depletion, thereby leading to calcium fever

2, Symptoms When Sick

The body falls into a state of high fever, convulsions,

The whole body is stiff, the eyes are dull and lifeless, the pet is convulsing and sighing unevenly.

3, How To Treat Disease

Usually, we will apply cold water first to reduce the fever.

Next, you must go to the doctor to inject medicine to increase health if the pet is too weak

Inject glucose 5-10% or sea water into the pet’s vein

Pay attention and apply a body pack to your pet until it recovers to good health

4, How To Prevent Disease

The barn should be kept clean and well ventilated.

If the puppy sucks too much, the number of times should be reduced so that the

mother dog has time to process calcium

During the nursing period, the mother should eat more nutrients or good

substances for milk sugar to feed the baby.

We should not be subjective about calcium deficiency disease in pets.

If severe, the pet can die, if the mother dog reproduces too much,

we should check and give the puppy extra milk to avoid milk loss and subsequent weakness. sick

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