Diarrhea Vomiting

Diarrhea Vomiting


When the pet’s body is not supplied with energy and nutrients regularly and with a regime, it seems that our care is still not up to the standard, and there is also the possibility of causing diarrhea below.

1, Cause of Disease

Because we do not feed our pets carefully, cold, rancid substances will lead to this diarrhea, in meat also contains too many substances in excessive amounts, it may also be caused by bacteria in the food. so disease

2, Symptoms of Disease

When infected, pets will become weaker, tired, and often stop eating Vomiting, and food when vomiting will have a fishy smell, and is mostly liquid Sometimes the stomach hurts, when passing the stool is dark black and sometimes has blood Pets often have fever, dehydration and fatigue

3, How to Treat the Illness

We should give the pet water to drink evenly, in the water should have a little salt to reduce the pet’s stomachache You should go to the pet drug store to buy diarrhea medicine for your pet to drink, take it regularly for 2 to 5 days Let’s feed them porridge and easily digestible substances Pets should not be hungry, if not, you can feed them a little during the meal

4, How to Prevent Disease

Always keep your pet in a clean environment, low in bacteria Diet should be well guarded, do not eat rancid food Pets should be dewormed periodically every month and every year Limit feeding pets chicken bones, or offal of chickens.

The simple things above will probably help your pet when infected with this disease, make sure you always love your pet and give it a really clean and beautiful space. fun.

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