Gastritis in pets

Gastritis in pets

Some pathogens cause pain to pets, causing them to lose their health and resistance,

pets themselves are intelligent but limited,

so let’s pay attention to them and take good care to avoid inflammatory diseases. stomach.

1, What causes gastritis in dogs?

As you know, one of the things that makes pets sick with lice is bacteria,

so gastritis often occurs when pets are infected with worms and bacteria inside the body.
Pet foods and drinks sometimes contain a lot of bacteria that we should consider.

2, When you have gastritis, what symptoms will your pet have?

Pets that begin to get sick will often stop eating, have a high fever,

with convulsions and tremors all over the body, or vomit.
When it is too severe, the pet often cannot walk and just lies in one place,

the feces are usually dark brown, and the smell is very fishy.
If the pet is sick without good care, the pet will fall into a state of restlessness and may die within 2-4 days.


3, How to treat when pets are infected with gastritis

Should give water infusion to provide electrolytes for the pet, if the pet is in too much pain,

use perimidine pain reliever, if the pet has diarrhea,

it is possible to combine treatment between kaolin and pectin or bismuth subcarbonate, …
If the pet is vomiting, anticholinergics and chlorpromazine or metoclopramide can be used

to prevent the pet from losing strength and falling into a state of severe fever and unable to stand up.
Remember to give your pet water regularly, because sometimes the pet will not eat

4, How to prevent gastritis in pets

Fully vaccinated periodically for pets, feeding cooked food, ensuring hygiene
Limit feeding raw food to avoid causing many intestinal diseases.


The above are useful things we mentioned for you to learn and have knowledge to take care of your pet’s health,

sometimes the reference will also add more knowledge for us, please be careful and take care.

Be careful with your pet for a long time after infection to avoid recurrence.
Thank you for following the article, I am sure that after this article,

many people will equip themselves with a lot of knowledge about pet care, wish you always have a healthy companion.


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