Good stories about dogs and cats part 2

Dog dies by owner

There is a spotted dog named Hachiko in Japan. This dog was raised by his owner, Mr. Hidesaburō Ueno,

since he was a puppy. Every day, Hachiko would go to Shibuya train station to pick up his owner and then

bring Mr. Ueno back home. This habit continued for many years until Mr. Ueno suddenly passed away

while working at Tokyo University. Since then, Hachiko continued to go to Shibuya station waiting for

his owner to come back, but Mr. Ueno never returned.

However, what is surprising is that Hachiko never gave up. The dog continued to go to Shibuya station

every day for 9 years, 4 months, and 15 days after his owner’s passing. Hachiko became a symbol of

loyalty and affection between humans and animals. The local people took care of Hachiko until he

passed away in 1935.

very sad dog

The story of Hachiko has become a classic tale of a dog’s loyalty to its owner. It has also become

an evidence of the special interaction between humans and animals and the sincere care and

love between species.

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