Pneumonia In Pets

Pneumonia In Pets

Pneumonia in pets is an infection (swelling) of the lung parenchyma,

including inflammation of the alveoli (small air sacs),

alveolar sacs, alveolar ducts, and connective tissues,

and bronchiolitis terminating bacteria, viruses and fungi cause

1. Causes of pneumonia in pets

Normally, pets often play in the yard and are not cleaned properly, so bacteria have entered the body,

long-term will multiply on the pet’s body and thereby cause pneumonia in pets. .

2. symptoms of pneumonia

At first, the pet will feel tired, gradually leading to a loss of appetite and red mucous membranes under the skin.

After that, you will cough or cough often, and find it difficult to breathe

If it is severe, it will be weak and often lie in a place to breathe.

3. How to treat pneumonia in pets

If the pet is newly infected with a mild disease, let’s give the pet an oxygen tank,

and always give water to provide electrolytes for the pet to stay alive.

If the condition is too severe, we should quickly take them to the pet hospital immediately for a doctor to treat.

Use a wet towel to gently wipe your pet’s neck area for more comfort and easier breathing

4. How to prevent pneumonia for pets

Pets should not be allowed to play in a dirty environment containing many types of bacteria and parasites

Fully vaccinated against diseases

Regular deworming for pets

With the details above, hope you will treat your pet in the best way, you can refer to our other articles,

we are sure that if you follow the way and Our solution is sure that your pet will be safe and become more beautiful.

Wishing you a day full of energy.

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