Rabies In Dogs

Rabies In Dogs

Dogs with rabies are dangerous, they can seriously affect people,

Therefore, we need to take many measures to prevent and treat this disease

1, Causes of Disease

When pets are injured and we leave them with a bacterial infection, they are likely to become infected quickly

Or it can also be transmitted from the same disease or from animals with similar diseases

Infected with lyssavirus foam into the body will gradually be infected with the virus affecting

the blood vessels and will cause rabies.

2, Symptoms Of The Disease

Pets lose control, often bite people and their mouths are full of saliva In severe cases,

there will be symptoms of red eyes and drooling in the mouth Even the jaw feels delayed because

the pet doesn’t know how to feel anymore

3, How to Treat the Illness

Currently, there is no specific drug to treat rabies, when discovered we should lock the pet,

Not allowed to let loose, causing many unstable situations,

Quickly go to the nearest veterinary station to be checked and injected with medicine

If your pet has a skin wound, it should be healed completely to avoid causing other diseases.

Use cleaning solutions to clean your pet more safely

4, How to Prevent Disease

Should be vaccinated periodically, when pets are injured, do not let them loose, treat them to heal and then release.

Avoid contact with other pets that are not normal, do not give them a lot of food when the pet is infected.

Rabies infection is very dangerous, we should be careful to keep the pet’s life,

as well as keep the people around it safe, because when rabies the pet loses control and will attack other people.

Anyway, hope that understanding the above, you will know how to handle well when your pet is infected with this rabies,

wish you always healthy to take good care of your pets

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