Things To Avoid When Keeping A Cat

Things To Avoid When Keeping A Cat

Pet dogs and cats are strains with weaker resistance than normal breeds.

We should consider feeding them more hygienic foods to avoid getting sick or sick.

Food should choose the type of origin, expiry date.

Raw, cold, and fishy-smelling foods should not be fed, which should be cooked to ensure their safety.

Do not feed the viscera too much, because there are many substances in the viscera that can cause disease,

making them weaker and slower to eat.

Sweet foods such as cakes, sodas,

soft drinks should also be limited to cause gastrointestinal diseases.

Before you learn and buy a pet, you should research and check carefully.

Have been vaccinated against basic diseases to avoid the situation that when the pet returns home,

it will be weak and often stop eating. Pets also love to be cuddled to create closeness,

and it is better to take your pet for a walk every afternoon to help

the pet develop and stimulate the organs for better absorption.

The above are the notes for everyone when buying pets in stores where they do not know the origin of the pet.

Thank you for taking a look at what we share. Hopefully, after reading the above notes,

you will own yourself beautiful and healthy pets.

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